Dress Codes: Codes Cracked.

Sometimes, with so many different dress codes in the world, it might start to get a little bit hard to crack it and not to fool yourself. In the worst nightmare nobody would like to get to the party in jeans, then everybody is wearing black suits and long formal dresses. So, to make that…

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The grass isn’t always greener. #SwitchersRemorse

Disclosure: This is a paid post for Verizon’s #SwitchersRemorse campaign. If you switched away from Verizon and are regretting it, don’t worry. They’re making it easy for customers to come back. For more information, head over to your local Verizon store. #SwitchersRemorse We’ve all done something in our lives that we wish we could undo. Make things…

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PillPack can make managing your medications easier.

From the number of finger pricks (at least five a day), to the insulin shots someone would need to give themselves to effectively manage blood sugar, understanding just how much life would change when someone is diagnosed with diabetes is difficult. After learning the challenges of managing diabetes, it is only natural to look towards…

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